Product Range

12 Product Range

Underwear product range we offer is continuously developing in line with future trends.
Men Underwear: Boxer & Slip, pajama.
Women Sportswear: Seamless undershirt, bustier and legging.
Women Underwear: Boxer & slip


Worldwide Known Brands

9 Worldwide Known Brands

Nowadays we are the manufacturer of 9 global brands. (We cannot reveal brand names due to confidentiality agreements.) We are aware that our main duty is to contribute in the successes of famous brands in the market through our manufacturing phases.

Countries We Export to


12 Countries We Export to

We earn the whole company turnover through exports we carry out to international customers. We export to 12 countries particularly to Netherlands, Sweden, England, Denmark. We have been strategically cooperating with our customers in Northern Europe and Scandinavia for years. Selga dresses up 42 % of the men population in these regions.


Selga International

Selga International

We make business with the entire world. Sometimes we prefer face to face contact and joint manufacturing. We try to achieve this via centers located four different regions around the world. We ensure easy access through our offices in America-Florida, Netherlands-Amsterdam and England-London.



The importance we place in innovation is doubtlessly one of the key elements to our success. We stick to innovative approaches for all manufacturing phases realized for international brands. We care for market requirements during production manufacturing phase. We exhibit creative and innovative differences of innovation applications as we manage innovation phases.

About Selga

Each phase of manufacturing for a world-famous brand is like writing words on a blank page…
Our words are dreams, ideas. They are fabric, colors and lines…
We start by analyzing the brand’s target audience in the market.
We make creative suggestions and design innovative products.
We generate work according to international standards.
We look differently, see differently and create differently.
We inspire and empower our professional customers’ future successes.
We raise expectations without sacrificing quality in a competitive market. We create new opportunities.
We are in complete harmony with the customer while we do business to achieve impeccable work.
We make our customers feel the privilege of working with a leading manufacturer that serves
world-famous brands.
We have been doing our jobs happily since the very beginning.
We have been working inexhaustibly for 30 years. We work constantly.
We dream of generating work that pushes the limits. We chase the future.
We continue to work until perfection is realized…

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